Unleashing natural gas is the solution to affordable energy while
helping improve the environment and securing American energy
• Affordable Energy for Our Families • Clean Energy for Our Environment
• Abundant Energy for Our Future • Domestic Energy for Our Security
TEA is the common sense alternative to the radical “Green New Deal” tax scheme. TEA engages
the American people in a fact-based dialogue about the impact of US energy policy on their
daily lives. Helping change the conversation about American energy and providing a fact-based
alternative to extreme policies like the Green New Deal, TEA recruits federal, state, and local
leaders to sign its Declaration of Energy Independence.
Our data-driven approach identifies pro-American energy supporters as a powerful foundation
of citizens willing to stand up for sound policies and voice opposition to radical policies like the
Green New Deal. Energy issues cut across party and ideological lines – everyone benefits from
an American Energy Independence Agenda. We can run a digital, mail, or door-to-door
campaign to any universe of Affordable Energy Voters.
• 74% of registered voters in the US are currently concerned with the affordability of
energy in the future. This runs across all party lines and is as close to a universal issue as
you get in politics.

Republicans have a once in a generation chance to reshape the electoral landscape.
Dissatisfaction with Biden and democrats’ anti-energy energy policies have led to increased
prices across the board, which has created a new universe of voters – Affordable Energy Voters.